>Blowing Your Income Tax Money

>Blowing Your Income Tax Money

I hear it all the time, it's free money. I won't miss it… Shiiiit!!! Not me, baby.

We do our taxes, get a lump sum from $1000-10,000, then blow it on bullshit. Why? First of all, it's NOT free money. You worked all year, payed your FICA, then act like that didn't just happen. The government INVESTS your money, earns interest then gives you Earned Income Credit. The least you can do is spend it wisely. If we did that, there wouldn't be so many pay day loan sharks. Or Christmas loans. Or pawn shops.

Now, I plan my taxes to the penny. I know what I want to do, then do it. I pay my car insurance up for the year. Pay my mortgage for several months so that I can have some breathing room and I make one extra payment… Get them off of my back a little earlier.

I also account for what I can/ will blow. I don't ball out, just get the things that would break me to get during the year. Pay for my vacation for the year. Next year, I'm buying a motorcycle! I "wardrobe" it at tax time, then buy clothes during the year.

I put money up. It's hard to go back to being broke after balling out, so save some. Use it for your Memorial Day bar-b-q. Or your 4th of July weekend trip to the Essence Festival!

Just remember, it's your money. Do you- wisely!!

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