>Looking Fly For The Low Low


One of nicest things ever said to me was that I look like a million dollars every day… On that particular day, I had $2 in my pocket & didn’t get paid til the next day; So u know I was feelin myself after that!
I try to impress myself daily. I like to look good because it makes me feel good… But I’m broke! So, Meek, how do you look good without any money?

#1. I shop regularly and window shop even more. 50 Cent got ya thinking that window shopping is lame, but I watch for deals. My kids and I kick it at Macy’s, we don’t always buy, but we look! For instance, I saw this hot Apple Bottoms fit, jacket, top and jeans… $300. I waited, caught it on clearance and copped it for $150, with tax 60% off of each piece!
#2. I shop off season. School clothes in July. Winter boots in February. Winter coats on the spring. That’s harder to do when your kids are younger but even then I bought 1-2 sizes bigger. Now, my kids are older, I’m more experienced so when my youngest son went from a size 6 shoe to an 8, I knew that we were gonna peep out Macy’s and see what the young men’s jeans were going for, since he’d be needing some soon.
#3. I love Macy’s… But I spend my money at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Citi Trends!!! I like Burlington and I can get with Villa.
#4. I don’t knock consignment shops, they are a really smart move but I don’t buy clothes there. The whole shopping by color thing gives me adult ADHD… But that’s just me…
#5. My clothes need to be cute, clean and fit properly… That’s all. I don’t shop by brand, I love some name brands, but they don’t define me!

Lastly… Never, ever throw away any shoes. Unless they are too small or beat up, keep them. Make space. I promise, you won’t regret it.




About ThoroBred

Mikki Rey Gender: Female Astrological Sign: Cancer Industry: Communications or Media Location: Cleveland : Ohio : United States Urban Fictionalist - writer, thinker, doer. Healer. Light seeker. Truth Finder.

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