>STILL TASTE YOU ON MY LIPS… Lisa MissUndastood Poet

>As I kick the sheets of my now satisfied body, my face reveals a naughty grin

Evidence of last night’s premeditated sin.

Oh, and I will ask for Forgiveness, but don’t think I will ever forget. See, I thought I had this all under control, but damn…last night, you were on a roll!

You invited me just right

Pulled me close and held me tight.

Tongue-kissed my lips, not even neglecting the pair that throbbed under satin fabric! Enjoyed how you would ease up a little, raise your head up a little, make me beg, just a little…’Cause little did you know, you would also be at my mercy. So then grinning again, I began savoring pictures of you standing beside that bed. And as you stood. Your manhood and my gaze met eye to eye, so then I licked my lips. In anticipation of engulfing your entirety

As anxiety, raced through my body.

Then almost as if choreographed, you maneuvered me onto the bed, feet flat and legs apart, my heart…

Seemed to skip a beat as I felt the heat,

And as your tongue danced, my hips danced too

And my legs began to quiver

Cause I knew you was about to deliver

Some much needed physical abuse to my body,

My body, which now seemed to belong to you as we poetically melt into one,

From the flames of heat, created, interlocking, communicated between flesh

And with each thrust, I began to tremble, as if to indicate the orgasm soon to follow

And as I follow your lead…dance and grind my hips to your beat,

The heat intensifies then you grab my thighs, and extend them along either side of your

Perplexed physique…unique

In design, to coincide with mine

And just as I’m at my peak

You change the beat…now faster and faster and faster

Then winding down to a slow rhythm

And you lean in and grab me so tight,

That I bite…

Down on my lower lip

As I slip

Away, to ecstasy, awakening, to still taste you on my lips

Before stepping into the steamy shower, to shower away all evidence of last night!



About ThoroBred

Mikki Rey Gender: Female Astrological Sign: Cancer Industry: Communications or Media Location: Cleveland : Ohio : United States Urban Fictionalist - writer, thinker, doer. Healer. Light seeker. Truth Finder.

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