These grown RICH men are crying over money I have only DREAMED of seeing…

We all hoped that it would never come to this but unfortunately there will be a work stoppage this NFL season because the millionaires and the billionaires can’t get along.
Now that the NFL Players Association has decided to decertify, here’s a road map of what might happen next.

1. The NFL will immediately file a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in an attempt to block the decertification. The NFL will argue that the NFLPA is acting in bad faith and that the NFLPA’s true goal is to get the NFL exposed to antitrust litigation as a way of grabbing owners’ money.

2. The NLRB takes no immediate action on the NFL’s grievance over the weekend as its offices will be closed. The NFLPA proceeds as if it has decertified. Monday comes along and the NLRB schedules a hearing, possibly for later in the week, to review the NFLPA’s decertification.

3. In addition to the NFL’s NLRB grievance, the NFLPA will file a request for a temporary restraining order with U.S. District Judge David Doty in an attempt to block the NFL from executing a lockout. The NFLPA, with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as named plaintiffs, will argue that the lockout would violate players’ employment contracts with NFL teams and would constitute a group boycott under federal antitrust law, which it can now turn to since the NFLPA has decertified. Federal antitrust law is very threatening, as damages in a successful antitrust lawsuit are automatically multiplied by three.

We have to side with players on this one. You can’t ask for a billion dollars and then not be willing to show a reason why you need it. Sh*t if you ask us for $50 we’re gonna wanna know why…

Who’s side are you on, the players, the owners, or do you not give a damn and just want them to play??



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