Fat Joe Admits To Shaking The Weight, “The Biggest Killer Of People Is…”

Bronx rapper Fat Joe is proving fans he did not resort to Photoshop for his “Drop A Body” music video, claiming that he dropped over 50 pounds came courtesy of a strict diet.

Joey Crack said despite loving his rap alias, it was vital to shed the fat.

“I always loved being fat. Obviously, I’m Fat Joe,” Joey Crack said in an interview. “If I could eat and gain a thousand pounds and be healthy, I would love to do that. But obviously the statistics say you can’t. It’s nothing that’s not out there. I think everybody needs to educate themselves. And if you from the inner side, the hood, the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, whatever, there ain’t no diet Snapples, there ain’t no sugar free candies. You need to tell them, ‘Yo, I need that.’ Because everybody needs a fix. So it’s a constant battle but for me, I seen too many of my friends die so I’ve been trying to be focusing, God-willing, I’ve been able to keep fighting this fight and remain healthy.” (New York Daily News)

He also said family and the loss of close friends due to health related problems motivated his massive weight loss.

“The craziest thing is the biggest killer of people is food,” Joe added. “It kills more people than AIDS, guns, violence and war. Anything you can name. Everybody keeps catching strokes and heart attacks and [..] seven of my friends passed last year from heart attacks and they were all [in their thirties], and I said, I got kids, I can’t leave them like that. This world is too hard for me to leave my kids without me supervising them and being there for them. It’s Fat Joe, F-a-t, J-o-e. If the fattest guy you know can lose some weight, you can lose some too…” (New York Daily News)

Footage and details of Joe’s latest slimmed down look hit the Internet earlier this week.

Shout out to rapper Fat Joe. MediaTakeOut.com learned that Joey Cracks has been trying for some time to lose weight . . . for HEALTH REASONS. And lookie there . . . dude looks like a new man. (Media Take Out)

Last year, after his rap nemesis 50 Cent lost over 50 pounds for a movie role, Joey Crack admitted going lean was too much of a challenge for himself.

“Yeah, that’s his thing. I’m not mad; he’s trying to get money. I could never do that, though, I wish I could. Fat Joe loves food too much. I’m scheming on some Pinkberry right now. [laughs]” (VIBE)


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