Beyonce’s new track…

Beyonce is a freak, all day, all night…according to her new track titled, “Schoolin’ Life”. The song dedicated to those 20-somethings, 30- somethings, 40-somethings, pretty-somethings and sexy-somethings was written by The Dream and has an old 80′s funk feel reminiscent of Prince. It will be one of the three songs that will be added to the Deluxe album exclusively available at target.

Mom and Dad tried to hide the world
said the world’s too big for a little girl
Eyes wide open can’t you see
I had my first heels by the age of 13
Mom and Dad tried to hide the boys
I swear that just made them want me even more
At 14 they asked me what I want to be
I said ‘baby 21, so I can get me a drink’

Listen below:’ Life – Beyoncé by HDMI44
Beyonce – Schoolin’ Life


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