Will Urban Radio Discover Jelli?

Yesterday Jelli (http://www.jelli.com/vegas) went live on the air with the world’s first FM radio stations completely powered by the social web. Is this a social change urban radio will catch up with?

In a first for traditional broadcasting, Jelli’s social radio platform will take over all of the programming operations of two FM radio stations in Las Vegas, 24 hours a day, under a multi-year agreement.

Las Vegas is the first market to launch Jelli as a revolutionary, new 24-hour radio format. On Jelli 96.7 (KYLI-FM) and Jelli 94.5 (KXLI- FM), listeners can choose in real time every song that plays on the air via Jelli’s website (http://www.jelli.com/vegas) or Jelli’s free iPhone app (http://www.jelli.com/iphone).

Jelli 96.7 – The New Beat of Las Vegas (KYLI-FM) will feature Top 40 tracks, including a combination of current and remix versions of mainstream and rhythmic hits. Jelli 94.5 – 100% User-Controlled Rock Radio (KXLI- FM) will feature a wide catalog of alternative and modern rock music.

It’s up to the Jelli community on each station to decide, in real-time, what tracks get on the air. To participate, listeners simply visit http://www.jelli.com/vegas or download the Jelli iPhone app, sign up for a free account, and begin voting.

“We’re thrilled to launch today in Las Vegas, the place for entertainment innovation,” said Mike Dougherty, Jelli’s CEO. “Radio is inherently social. Starting today on Jelli 96.7 FM and Jelli 94.5 FM, Las Vegas listeners can play along together using the web and their iPhones to create the most engaging and fun radio experiences Las Vegas has ever seen.”

Jelli has entered into a multi-year agreement with LKCM Radio Group and Aurora Media, the owners of KYLI-FM and KXLI-FM.

“We are changing Las Vegas radio forever with Jelli’s revolutionary social radio experience,” said Gerry Schlegel, President LKCM Radio Group. “We look forward to creating a tight relationship with the listening community with these Jelli formatted stations.”

Jelli users can vote for songs, share songs on Twitter and Facebook, discuss what is playing with other listeners in live chat, and use two unique Jelli “power-ups,” a Rocket and a Bomb, to further influence what will play next.

Listeners can even influence whether a song stays on the air. If enough of the online audience votes “Sucks” for a song, it gets pulled off immediately.

Jelli 96.7 – The New Beat of Las Vegas (KYLI-FM) and Jelli 94.5 – 100% User-Controlled Rock Radio (KXLI- FM) will be completely automated by Jelli’s unique cloud-based platform, which enables local broadcasts to be easily customized and shaped to local tastes while being managed on a centralized basis.

About Jelli
Jelli is 100 percent user-controlled radio, leveraging the power of the web and mobile to reinvent radio. Jelli creates a highly social radio experience by empowering the community to interact with the broadcast in real-time and determine dynamically what plays on-air or online. Launched in 2009, Jelli is based in San Mateo, CA. For more information, visit http://www.jelli.com.


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