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Miguel & Lloyd Squash Their Hair Beef… Kinda…

It’s no secret that R&B Singers Lloyd and Miguel aren’t the best of friends after Miguel made a side comment about Lloyd’s hair via his twitter a few weeks ago. After Lloyd appeared on ’106 and Park’ to promote his new album and showed off his new hair tattoo, Miguel tweeted ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Shouts to Lloyd’.

This past weekend, the two artists performed at ZHip Hop Cleveland’s Summer Jam and had the opportunity to meet face to face to iron out their differences backstage. Attempting to light up the mood backstage, Miguel started singing “We’re brothers, we’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored” but Lloyd was not laughing. He immediately asked why Miguel sent out the ‘imitation’ tweet and Miguel responded that it was made out bigger than what it was:

‘I was being honest. That was an honest opinion. But it’s not on diss sh*t though. Nothing about it was a diss at all. You know n*ggas are trying to make it way bigger than anything it really was. They asked me a question about a site I was looking at. Yo, it shouldn’t have been said as honest as I may have been. If it was like me and you having a conversation, and I said it to you it would have been different. But the fact that I said it on twitter, it was f*cked up and I apologize for that.

Lloyd responded:

I just felt like it was disrespectful. On some real sh*t, I felt like it was cheap, distasteful jab. The idea behind it wasn’t to mock you or imitate you. It was just to shave my sh*t so I could get a tattoo. I’m growing it back because it really isn’t my thing. For you to say that and bring all that kind of energy to me during my album release week…. Why am I answering questions about my hair when I should actually be talking about my sh*t. I worked two years for it, you see what I’m saying?

Miguel agreed that it was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time, especially not knowing the reasoning behind it, and apologized once again.

Perhaps, the two will let bygones be bygones and make a nice record together.

Listen to the exchange below


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Graphic Amber Rose Nude Pics Leak, Denies Sending Them To Nicki Minaj’s Boyfriend [Video]

Video vixen Amber Rose has stepped forward to address new leaked graphic nude photographs and rumors claiming they were initially sent to Nicki Minaj‘s boyfriend.

This afternoon, Rose immediately hit up Twitter to kill the gossip.

“These blogs do nothing but try to ruin ppls lives I DID NOT send pics to anyones boyfriend pls stop with the lies. Its so ridiculous. smh,” she tweeted June 28th.

“Yall been doing this to me for 3 years now it shld be illegal to write fake stories about ppl the media never wants to see anyone happy.” (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

Reports claim Rose allegedly sent them to Minaj’s boyfriend.

According to our insider, Amber Rose had an INAPPROPRIATE relationship with Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend Safaree . . . and that she sent him NEKKID PICS of herself . . . giving her cooch the DUECES!!! The insider tells, “At Nickis birthday in Vegas on [December 9th] weekend, Nicki caught her boyfriend Safaree in Amber’s room . .. she knew something was going on.” And there’s more, “Later to find out by going into Safaree’s phone, [Nicki learned] that Amber was sending Safaree naked pictures of herself via bbm.” (Media Take Out)

In February, additional leaked nude images of Rose landed online.

Kanye West’s curvy former girlfriend Amber Rose is in the center of a naked photo scandal as explicit pictures leak online purportedly showing her both topless and completely nude. The racy photos — posted by the adult website on Tuesday — show several photos of a woman with her breasts exposed through her clothes; other images show her completely naked. (Radar Online)

Last December, Minaj credited Rose for hooking her up with Kanye West.

“Well I was great friends with Amber Rose when they were dating and she had recommended me to him for his album and finally I guess he relented [laughs],” Minaj said of meeting West. “One day I got a call from her and she said Kanye wanted me to come down to Hawaii and record for the album. He told me I could pick what I wanted to be on. I heard the beat for ‘Monster.’ I fell in love with it and that’s how the ‘Monster’ verse happened…When it came to me putting my album out, I was like ‘I can’t have an album without Kanye. He has to be a part of it.’ He’s become my mentor, he gives me advice, he hits me, takes random pictures off-line and says ‘Oh this is a good picture of you.’ He’s really into fashion so he’s a good person to have a well-rounded conversation with.” (RWD Mag)

Check out the censored photos below:

Did Chris Brown’s Boys Chase Down Frank Ocean???

“Take the FADE Nicca!!!!” Is this suppose to be fighting words?? If so..I’m getting old.

Last night a video was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop that shows Frank Ocean being chased through the streets of Weho by what is suppose to be Chris Brown’s cousins Mijo and Trell (of Young Money??). According to the ‘alleged’ story, Frank Ocean came down to Chris’ dance studio looking for him yesterday evening but started to run once he actually saw him. Chris Brown’s boys then hopped in a vehicle and started chasing him while yelling ‘What it do! Take the Fade Nicca!!!!”.

There has to be pieces of this story that is missing because I refuse to believe that Frank Ocean decided to roll up to Chris’ studio alone (unless a man-to-man apology was in order) and I’m even more confused as to why Chris’s homies thought that he was going to stop his car for some cats driving like maniacs while yelling and screaming, ‘Catch the Fade’. Frank’s only reply in the entire video was, “…but I don’t know ya’ll though”….and I believe he may have asked “Where he at?” at some point o_o

Watch the video below

This ‘allegedly’ stems from the twitter war between Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and Odd Future last week. Read about it here

Somebody get these lil boys heads together before it’s too late. Both of them have too much to lose for this silliness.

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Drake Adds Another “Piece” To The Story, Reveals B-Day Surprise [Audio]

Young Money star Drake has decided to continue teasing fans eagerly anticipating his upcoming Take Care album by releasing a new record called “Marvin’s Room.”

The record is reportedly produced by Drake’s righthand man, Noah “40” Shebib.

Get excited, Drake fans. According to his website, his sophomore album, Take Care, is due out in October and we should be hearing the first single in July. And if that isn’t enough for y’all, he has also come through with a brand-new track called “Marvins Room.” It’s far less rap-heavy than “Dreams Money Can Buy” and instead features Drizzy throwing on his R&B sad-man/storyteller hat throughout the nearly six-minute-long track. The result is a pretty epic cut that includes a track-ending piano solo and producer Noah “40” Shebib’s trademark watery 808s. A single this is not, but I’ll be d*mned if it won’t make for a killer deep cut. (Prefix Mag)

Drake also revealed plans to drop Take Care on his 25th birthday, October 24th.

“Marvins Room: Another piece of the story.Single coming in July. Take Care coming Oct. 24th.Download Here,” Drake re-tweeted from @WelcomeOVO.

“She told me the outro keys are chilling…@chillygonzales” (Drake’s Twitter)

Last month, Drizzy hinted at some social research he had planned for Take Care.

“So this is my first Memorial weekend really particpating this heavily,” Drizzy said from the set of DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One” video shoot in Miami. “I just want to get out there and touch the people, slap everybody’s hand, see the women; just let them know im out here. Let them see me, because they havent seen me in a while.” It isn’t all work however. Drake hints that will be observing the crowds and using his expirence to fine tune his album. “And I got this album coming it’s called Take Care, so I just really want to get out here and check the climate. I wanna hear the records, see how everybody’s moving, see what everybody’s lovin’, because I know I got a great body of work,” he said. “I’m ready to give it away, I’m using this weekend as study research. I’ll be getting as drunk as I can trying to fit in, doin’ it like that.” (RapFix)

Drake recently raised eyebrows after dropping his new “Dreams Money Can Buy” single.

“My favorite rappers either lost it or they ain’t alive,” he raps in the second verse of the song, rumored to be the intro to his new album, Take Care. Fans quickly began assuming Drizzy was taking a jab at his “Light Up” collaboration partner Jay-Z, whom he’s regarded as a mentor and one of his favorite rappers. (Neon Limelight)

Take Care is slated to drop Monday, October 24th.

Check out Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” down below:

Capone Tunes In To N.O.R.E.’s CNN Breakup Announcement, “It’s My Turn Ya Dig!”

New York rapper Capone has offered his take on N.O.R.E. breaking the news of the split of their rap group CNN this week to the shock of hip-hop fans.

While CNN may be broken up, Capone promised his fans there is no tension between him and N.O.R.E.

“Capone n Nore could never break up.. Brothers b4 music.. It’s my turn ya dig!,” Capone tweeted June 9th.


This week, N.O.R.E. announced the news of CNN’s break-up after over a decade of releasing music together.

“I’m not making another war report album or another N.O.R.E ALBUM IMMA MAKE THE 1st S.U.P.E.R.T.H.U.G album cause that what’s good for now…Diddy my homey can’t and would never diss him but he was known for anthems and hits it’s safe to say Khaled has been upholding that area…CNN was a great group…Time has changed I must move on…Doesn’t it hurt to watch a boxer still box when he’s heart isn’t in it that’s what the group feels like right now…Ok I’ve said way too much have no more to say I’ll hit u after the gym salute” [sic] (57th Ave)

He also hopped on Twitter to remind fans Capone remains a close friend.

“We still homeys brothers family just we both need to do something different musically!!!,” N.O.R.E. tweeted June 9th. (N.O.R.E.’s Twitter)

Last year, CNN’s War Report 2 debuted in July 2010 and just missed Top 100 on the sales chart.

Rounding things up in Sales Wrap this week is Capone-N-Nore’s War Report 2 which debuted at No. 104. After seven days in the books, the New York duo’s new album has sold 4,700 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

CNN released their first album, The War Report, in 1997, followed by 2000’s The Reunion, 2009’s Channel 10 and 2010’s The War Report 2.

Rhymefest Rushed Into Emergency Room, “[He] Had The Disease For Years & Never Knew It”

Based on tweets from his Twitter page, Fest is currently hospitalized.

“On thurs june 2, Che Rhymefest Smith was admitted into the ER at risk of Diabetic Coma his sugar levels were 739 normal being 80,” a tweet read Saturday (June 4) morning.

“Rhymefest has since been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is awaiting release from the hospital”

“Rhymefest apparently had the disease for years and never knew it.”

“This is his twitter account, he will continue tweeting from after his release. thank you” (Rhymefest’s Twitter)

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Ghostface Killah learned he is diabetic in the mid-1990’s.

In 1996, Ghostface discovered that he was diabetic, a condition that would weaken his health. According to “Trials of Life”, a 2007 song with fellow New York rapper Prodigy (himself a sickle-cell anemic), Ghostface assumed he had been stricken by a sexually transmitted disease until he received the diabetes diagnosis. (Wikipedia)

A few years ago, rapper Shawty Lo came forward to deny claims of contracting HIV when in actuality it was diabetes.

“Carlos ‘Shawty Lo’ Walker is not infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS,” a representative said in a statement. “He does however suffer from Diabetes, a serious condition that effects millions of people, particularly those of color. Despite occasional set backs, Shawty Lo continues his rigorous work schedule in support of his debut album Units in the City. He appreciates the outpouring of concern and support for his health but he is doing fine.” (All Hip Hop)

Outside of health concerns, Rhymefest’s recent run at becoming his city’s alderman ended in defeat in April.

With 84 percent of precincts in, Willie Cochran had 54.6 percent to 45.4 percent for Smith, a Grammy-winning rap artist. Earlier tonight, Smith’s election night party was underway with hip hop music blasting from large speakers when the candidate arrived. A small group of mostly young people followed his mist green Cadillac. Holding his grandmother on one arm and his wife on the other, Smith said he felt a lot of energy at the polls. “It’s not about me winning or losing, it’s about hope,” Smith said. “Eleven and 12 year old children ask me ‘can you stop the gang banging?’ I say ‘you have to help too.’ ” “People want little things like a quizno’s or subway in the neighborhood. They want somewhere to get a sandwich on 63rd,” he said. (Chicago Tribune)