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The Big Homie Maino Finished up The Video For Let It Fly, and #IFWT doen’s just have BTS or clips from the Video, We Got the Whole Video Which You can See Exclusively After the Jump!!!! S/O Main(of course) My Homie Karl aka Dread, Shadow, and The whole Fam!!!


Did Chris Brown’s Boys Chase Down Frank Ocean???

“Take the FADE Nicca!!!!” Is this suppose to be fighting words?? If so..I’m getting old.

Last night a video was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop that shows Frank Ocean being chased through the streets of Weho by what is suppose to be Chris Brown’s cousins Mijo and Trell (of Young Money??). According to the ‘alleged’ story, Frank Ocean came down to Chris’ dance studio looking for him yesterday evening but started to run once he actually saw him. Chris Brown’s boys then hopped in a vehicle and started chasing him while yelling ‘What it do! Take the Fade Nicca!!!!”.

There has to be pieces of this story that is missing because I refuse to believe that Frank Ocean decided to roll up to Chris’ studio alone (unless a man-to-man apology was in order) and I’m even more confused as to why Chris’s homies thought that he was going to stop his car for some cats driving like maniacs while yelling and screaming, ‘Catch the Fade’. Frank’s only reply in the entire video was, “…but I don’t know ya’ll though”….and I believe he may have asked “Where he at?” at some point o_o

Watch the video below

This ‘allegedly’ stems from the twitter war between Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and Odd Future last week. Read about it here

Somebody get these lil boys heads together before it’s too late. Both of them have too much to lose for this silliness.

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